Weapons: Pen & Paper

Just grab your pen and paper and take a look at our pen & paper area. Not only can you jump there in an exciting adventure but also meet role-playing fans, which will become your loyal companions in these completely new worlds.

If elf, drawf or orc you can be whatever you want during the pen & paper round. There will several session at DreamHack Hannover where you can explore a hugh varient of different worlds. From Cyberpunk to Dark Fanatsy, there will be an adventure for anyone.

Unser Bereich bietet die Möglichkeit, sich abseits des Messetrubels zu entspannen, neue Spiele zu entdecken und sich mit anderen Gleichgesinnten auszutauschen.

Accept the Quest for Pen & Paper

In the tabletop area, you can do several role-playing rounds, where you can fully immerse yourself in the role of your character and experience a wide variety of adventures (such as Dungeon & Dragons, Shadowrun and The Witcher) alongside loyal companions.

If you want to try out Pen & Paper you have to sign up before the event for the role-playing rounds. During the event you have the chance to participate spontaneously in Pen & Paper rounds, but only if there is still a place available.

Sign ups will be available as the event approaches!

Be there 5 Minutes before the start, otherwise you can lose your spot!

Die Anmeldung endet am 14. Dezember


All Pen & Paper rounds are run by Dragon Legion e. V. and are repetitive introductory adventures. The same rounds are offered on each day and table.

A time schedule for every single table will be available as the event approaches!

11:00 AMNo Return
2:00 PMNo Return
5:00 PMNo Return*
12:30 PMShadowrun
3:30 PMShadowrun
6:30 PMSpherechild*

*DreamHack is closing at 6 p.m. on Sundays. Therefore there will be no Pen & Paper rounds, which would go longer.