dreamhack partners 2023

Our partners share the same passion for esports and gaming that brings the festivals to life. Explore what our partners have to offer, from the latest technology and hardware to refreshing beverage or nutritious snack!

Official partners

Intel stands for innovation and groundbreaking technology, without which exciting gaming and esports events such as DreamHack would not be possible.

Whether through powerful processors or lightning-fast SSDs – Intel gets the most out of all games.

Monster Energy is exactly the right drink for passionate gamers at long LAN-Parties, and as such it’s perfect for DreamHack.

Monster is more than an energy drink. It is a lifestyle in the can.

With the mission to support millions of creative people in making a living from their art, Spotify has been transforming music and podcast listening since 2008.
Now, more than 456 million active users and over 195 paying subscribers in over 180 markets can stream 82 million songs and more than 4.7 million podcasts for free, as well as managing them in playlists and sharing them with friends.
Dare to Dive in. With this motto, JBL Quantum stands for the best in-game experience and the most precise sound which will give you a decisive advantage at DreamHack.
Bring more life into every game and never miss a step, shot or jump. 

Supporting partners

Yumisu is made up of the Japanese word for ‘dream’ (yume) and ‘chair’ (isu).
Yumisu chairs are also supplied at DreamHack for the maximum comfort during gaming sessions, so that your back will only hurt from carrying your team.

Official partners Byoc LAN

Official partners Tabletop & TCG

Back in 1999, a visionary gamer in a Danish store sparked the Dragon Shield saga. For over 20 years, we've crafted top-notch sleeves, setting the standard in quality. As fellow gamers, our passion courses through every shuffle and every card draw. We're here to enhance your TCG gaming experience.

Official partners Creator Hub

Official partners Freeplay



To be announced


Interested to become a partner of DreamHack Hannover?
Contact our sales department


Interested to become a partner of DreamHack Hannover?
Contact our sales department