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Welcome to our evolved Creator Hub!

Creator Hub

The Creator Hub is the area for content creators to connect with each other and their community – at home and at DreamHack!
DreamHack gives content creators the ability to livestream from one of the Stream Studios. If you want to stream from the DreamHack – this is your time to shine!

In the Meet & Greet Area, creators can get in direct contact with their community at photo and signing sessions.

In the Creator Lounge, talents and influencers are among themselves, can network or simply relax.

Submission deadline: Friday, November 30, 2022


Activities Schedule

You want to support your favorite content creator? Then use the code on the images below when ordering tickets or buy directly via the linked button. The particular creator will then directly receive a share of the ticket sales.

11:00 AMParticipants
Press conference
1:00 PMParticipants
What are the ways to become an esports player?
5:00 PMParticipants
Players for climate
7:00 PMParticipants
The esports industry