The biggest esports event in Germany

DreamHack is back in Germany!

DreamHack Hannover is realized by Freaks 4U Gaming, the German esports powerhouse. We will welcome the esports and gaming community on the exhibition grounds in Hannover in December 2023!

DreamHack is much more than just an event: Is the place where the gamer community is more alive than ever through all of our festivals, our tournaments, our content… All is thought so the gamer community can enjoy their passions.

DreamHack Manifest

DreamHack is where our community joins arms.
Around massive stages and booths made by hand.
In numbers, in spirit, and in any city brave enough to have us.
To discover where years of training can get you.
Or try something new for the very first time.
To play games that took years to create, and games we made up on the spot.
To embrace old enemies and fight new friends.
Play as hard as we can, mess about with a vengeance.
And crown the champion of everything – from Counter-Strike to cosplay to cabbage bowling.
Because whether we’re first-timers or twenty-year veterans, eventually every one of us lives, breathes, and sleeps DreamHack.
Some of us sleep at DreamHack.
So wherever gaming goes and however gaming grows, this will always be the place where it all comes together.
In all our energy, creativity, glory, and absurdity.
And we will always be DreamHack.