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All the Creativity on one Place

Welcome to our first Artist Alley at DreamHack Hannover! At the festival is not everything about gaming and immersing yourself in a virtual world, but also about showing the creative side of the community. That is why we are proud to provide a platform for all artists to showcase and sell their unique work to the public.

The Artist Alley is the perfect opportunity to take home a unique piece of art and even support local artists. Last year, over 21,000 people attended the DreamHack Hannover and this year the creatives have the chance to get in touch with this huge community with their exclusive products.

Artist Alley application

Want to Share your unique products with everyone else?

At Dreamhack Hannover, we welcome artists of all backgrounds and artistic styles to participate in our Artist Alley. If you want to share your creative products with the gaming community, then the DreamHack Hannover will be the right place for it.

The application for the artist alley in Winter 2023 are open!

For applications, please read the terms and conditions first, and then just fully fill out the application form.  

As a gaming festival, we do require that the products must fit to the fair. More detailed regulations can be found below. We evaluate all artist applications and using a set of criteria that includes the relevance to DreamHack, quality of content, diversity of art and compliance with our rules.

Artist Alley Package

• 2 m x 2 m Ground Space
• 1x Desk 180 cm x 80 cm
• 2x Chairs
• 1x Festival Ticket
• Possibility to be featured on DreamHack Social Media Channels

145,80 €


At DreamHack Hannover

Animes Earth
Benecea Draws
Fabian Marscholik
Kiko Letta
Made by Cookielein
Mia Mouz
Myuna Art
Smal Art
Sun Shy
Unleash the merch
Rich Art
Dead Angel Cat
Empty Comets
Shinda Hotaru

Artist Product Restrictions

  • Items for sale must be self-drawn, painted, sewn, handicrafts, photographed or in another form product of the artist’s own creativity.
  • Assortment should have a connection with thematic areas such as gaming, esports, anime, manga, Japan and so on.
  • Goods that are mostly created with AI are excluded from the sale.
  • Bootlegs, plagiarisms, counterfeits or other goods that violate German law are excluded from the sale.
  • Items that are not suitable for young people are not allowed to be offered, exhibited or shown to costumers on request. Also strongly sexualized representations of persons still wearing clothes are affected by this regulation.


The terms and conditions for renting an artist’s stand are reserved for artists and do not apply to commercial traders.

To rent an artist’s stand, the stand owner must be at least 18 years old.

The booth must be manned continuously during the opening hours of the DreamHack Hannover. A temporary substitution by an additional stand helper is possible. A short term substitution is also possible by the stand neighbor.

Opening hours:

  • Friday, 15. December 2023: 10am-8pm
  • Saturday, 16. December 2023: 10am-8pm
  • Sunday, 17. December 2023: 10am-6pm

Artists can apply for a booth at the artist alley between 10. May 2023 – 31. July 2023 via a fully filled out application form.

Yes. A booth may be shared by up to 2 artists. Both have to fill out the application form together.

The booth price includes only one ticket. Each additional person with whom you share your booth needs a separate ticket.

Yes. To ensure that helpers receive early access to the trade fair for set-up, helpers must be registered with their full names during the application process. It is possible to register helpers at a later date, until 30. November 2023. On opening days, 15. – 17. December, your helpers will also need a valid ticket upon entering the show. You have to purchased additional tickets for your helpers via Eventbrite

The booth price includes a festival ticket for you as an artist. If helpers support you on offical opening days, they need their own ticket.

If your helper supports you only on Thursday, it is sufficient to register the helper in advance with your application, or to register later by sending an email to

You can already set up your stand on the 14. December between 12-18 clock. On opening days of the festival (15-17. December), the fair is open to exhibitors 2 hours before regular opening hours to set up the booth.

2 m x 2 m Ground Space

1x Desk 180 cm x 80 cm

2x Chairs

As soon as all booths have finally allocated and paid for, a booth plan will be created by DreamHack Hannover and shared with all artist.

With the confirmation message after successful application the artist will receive a dedicated code for the purchase of a stand ticket via Eventbrite. The artist has 7 days from receipt of the code to purchase the ticket.

Any Questions?

Interested to be a part of the artist alley at DreamHack Hannover and have some questions about it? Feel free to contact us!