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Welcome to our evolved Creator Hub!

Creator Hub

The Creator Hub is the area for content creators to connect with each other and their community – at home and at DreamHack!
DreamHack gives content creators the ability to livestream from one of the Stream Studios. If you want to stream from the DreamHack – this is your time to shine!

In the Meet & Greet Area, creators can get in direct contact with their community at photo and signing sessions.

In the Creator Lounge, talents and influencers are among themselves, can network or simply relax.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Stream Studio


You want to come to DreamHack and still stream to your audience? No problem! Apply for a slot here and get the chance to stream from our high-end setups and provide your community with the latest information straight from DreamHack.

The DreamHack Hannover Stream Studio is powered by:

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Free 12 month game pass ultimate

Microsoft will gift you with a 12 month Game Pass Ultimate subscription (retail value $180) and additional 10 x 3 month Game Pass subscriptions (total retail value $300) that you can give to your community during the streams for free. Great way to create unique content with titles you discover on Game Pass and give back to the community at the same time.




Want to meet your community? We’ll have a set up where you can sign autographs, take pictures, and do whatever else you fancy doing with your community at the festival!

We’ll set up the tables and the area, all you need to do is bring your community – as easy as that.

Meet & Greet

The creators

At DreamHack Hannover

You want to support your favorite content creator? Then use the code on the images below when ordering tickets or buy directly via the linked button. The particular creator will then directly receive a share of the ticket sales.

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