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You want to play together with your friends at DreamHack Hannover but have no opportunity to bring your own PC to the festival, then just check out the free play area!

It is the perfect place to still get the feeling of the special LAN event even though your beloved computer or console had to stay at home. Just grab your friends and take a seat to explore various adventures.

There are plenty PCs waiting for you to play and connect with your friends through your favorite games. The PC games will feature new and some of the hottest titles which are preinstalled on the computer.

No long waitings for downloads or patches, which means that you can immediately start your gaming session with your friends!

Set sail, you landlubbers!

In our Freeplay Area can you become from nobody to a fearsome pirate captain. Ubisoft brings the long awaited game Skull and Bones to DreamHack Hannover. You will have the chance to set sails and try out the upcoming game before his official release. It will be preinstalled on every PC in our Freeplay Area, so you will have the opportunity to become the most fearsome pirate captain in the Indian Ocean.

Skull and Bones is an Action/Adventure from Ubisoft where you can become a pirate king and experience endless adventures with your own crew. Build and design your own ship and sail from the coasts of Africa to the tropical islands of the Dutch East Indies.

On your Journey you will encounter many dangers like unpredictable weather, dangerous giant waves, deadly wild animals and cut-throat pirate hunters. Everything and everyone wants you dead.

However, you do not have to face the dangers alone. You can team up with up two friends and experience the wild adventures on the sea together!

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