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Roll the Dice

You will have the opportunity to defeat monstrous creatures not only in the online world but also in the offline world. Just grab the dice and roll them and experience exciting adventures in our board games area. There will be a huge selection of thrilling board games that you can play together with your friends!

Here you will meet various fans of board games and find some new comrades for your next offline adventure. Do not hesitate and take a look into the world outside the screen.

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Various Board Games awaits you

You want to take a break of the online world and defeat creatures in the offline world? TableTopTreff Hannover brings you several offline adventures to DreamHack Hannover. From Monopoly to Cluedo to HeroQuest there is something for everyone! But not only that – they will be also there for rule questions and painting workshop for miniature models.

Games from Hasbro

The heroes have to work together to overcome epic challenges, find treasure and defeat the evil. One player will take over the role of the game master while the others will choose between the four playable characters barbarian, dwarf, elf and wizard. Together they have to face exciting adventures in a labyrinth full of monsters and sinister dark dungeons.

In the Return of the Witch Lord the players work together to destroy the Witch Lord, who hides from the light of day with his army of the undead. Gather your friends for an exciting adventure which will be an epic battle of good and evil.

In Betrayal at House on the Hill you take over a role of adventurers who investigate a creepy old house. As you explore the house, you will discover new rooms and each time you may find something or something may find you.

The adventure continues. Players have to work together to solve an ancient puzzle to triumphantly rescue the King who is trapped in the forbidding recesses of Kellar’s Keep.

With this expansion, you have to destroy the evil Frozen Horror, a ferocious creature long banished but has now returned to its ancient seat of power and awaits Zargon’s summons. 

Fast and fierce world domination! Get off the board and right into the action with this Risk Strike cards and dice game, a fresh twist on the Risk board game! Declare which continent you want to attack, deploys your troops, and roll the dice to start battling. Use tactics cards to sabotage, bombard, spy, and more in pursuit of world conquest. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer continents and earn domination coins.

Monopoly celebrates Super Mario! It delivers action-packed excitement combined with video game nostalgia. Super Mario Celebration features all the popular characters and themes dating back to 1985, when the first Super Mario Bros. was released.

Classic Monopoly gets a Star Wars twist inspired by the power of the dark side across Star Wars films. Activate a character’s special ability by acquiring the Force Lighting ring, plot against opponents with Dark Side cards, and jump to hyperspace on the board by landing on a Ship space.

Monopoly meets Dungeons & Dragons. It features key characters and locations from the D&D movie and the players can explore the Forgotten Realms as part of an intrepid adventuring party. Discover adventure around the Sword Coast and the perilous Underdark, seek out useful items and powerful spells, and collect treasure. But watch out for monsters, devious Red Wizards, and backstabbing rogues!

Friends vs the Conspiracy. In Clue Conspiracy the players will take on secret roles on opposing teams. While the friends are working to save Mr. Coral and uncover the Who, Where and What of Conspiracy’s secret plot, tries the Conspiracy to secretly sabotage the Friends and carry out Mr. Coral’s murder at a specific location and weapon.

This version combines the classic Cluedo game with an interesting retelling of the original plot of the mysterious murder, fascinating characters and the luxurious Tudor mansion. Collect clues, solve riddles and find out who committed the murder.

This compact Guess Who? Grab and Go game features the same classic Guess Who? gameplay in a travel-size format! Just as in the full-sized game, players ask their opponent a yes or no question, and the answer gets them closer to who’s on their opponent’s Mystery card.

Games from Feuerland

170 bird cards form the core of the game. The players collect these cards and try to use them to create strong combination chains on their game boards. Three different habitats represent three combination chains that can be formed and trigger different actions when activated.

You’ve just redecorated your home and now it’s time to tidy up: place your favorite books, games, photos and trophies in a decorative way and don’t forget the space for the plants and your cats! The winner of the game is the person who best manages to accommodate both their personal preferences and general goals in their rule.

Scythe is set in fictional Europe in the 1920s. The players are leaders of nations. They explore and conquer regions, hire recruits, produce resources and workers, construct buildings and deploy gigantic mechs.

Different communities populate this world of different landscapes and construct their buildings and cities there in competition. Take over one of these communities, reshape landscapes and construct your buildings on them. Proximity to other communities restricts your expansion, but gives you advantages in the game.

It will send you on a new adventure to Siberia. There, a massive meteorite has struck near the Tunguska River, awakening ancient corruption. An expedition led by Dr. Tarkovsky ventures into the taiga to learn more about the meteorite and its effects on the land. In addition, some war heroes are adventurous and privately finance their own expeditions to Siberia. They hope to find artifacts and achieve further glory by mastering the challenges ahead.

In Arche Nova, you plan and build a modern, scientifically managed zoo. You create enclosures, house animals and support species conservation projects worldwide in order to build the most successful zoo. Specialists and special buildings will help you to achieve this goal.

With Wasserwelten are you presenting the wonderful world of marine animals in your zoo! This expansion brings you lots of interesting marine animals and new aquariums so that you can place them in your zoo.

Each of you takes on the role of a hardened mercenary in this tactical co-op combat game and fights with the others through a campaign full of opportunities, challenges and surprising twists. Each scenario offers fast-paced, tactical combat without dice against completely self-sufficient opponents, where the right skill at the right time can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In the world of Galecrest, pirate ships of the skies set sail, always in search of adventure, treasure and glory.
As Admiral, you command a large and colorful crew … just like your counterparts on the other ships in the pirate fleet.
Every day you land on a different island and send out a crew member to collect your share of the booty.
You hope it will come back and strengthen your growing troop of characters.

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