Esports tournaments

What would be a DreamHack without some professional esports tournaments? This is why you will find at DreamHack Hannover countless competitions, where professional player prove their skills and even win some great prizes.

Come to DreamHack Hannover and experience esports and cheer for your favorite team and player!

The festival will feature professional and grassroot tournaments of a variety of games, the LAN area will also host various tournaments, where every casual player can participate.

(Note: you will need a LAN ticket to participate in LAN tournaments.)

More Esports Tournaments will be announced as the event approaches.

To be announced
Logo_ ESLM

ESL Meisterschaft CS2


Counter-Strike 2 on the big stage! The saison final of the ESLM will be at DreamHack Hannover and will be the end of an long lasting era. The two finalist will compete on the 16. December live on stage to win the last of the ESLM.

EFT: Arena Invitational

escape from tarkov: arena

“Escape from Tarkov: Arena” is the official festival partner of DreamHack Hannover and presents the “EFT: Arena Invitational”. It will be the very first esports tournament for this brand new game in the Escape from Tarkov universe.


In our LAN Tournaments

League of legends

Prize pool: 3.000€

Counterstrike 2

Prize pool: 3.000€

Rainbow Six: Siege

Prize pool: 2.500€

VALORANT by Project V

Prize pool: 2.000€

Rocket League

Prize pool: 900€


Prize pool: 500€

Apex Legends

Prize pool: 500€

Age of Empires II

Prize pool: 500€

Teamfight Tactics

Prize pool: 500€


CS2 Wingman 2v2 Cup

Warcraft 3 Reforged


pace and precision

How to: Speedrun

Forget about Sonic The Hedgehog. The DreamHack Hannover will bring you a new definition of speed.

On Friday, the 15. December, from 13:15 to 14:30, one of Germany’s best speedrunners will teach you all about speedrunning video games. Witness Bisalina speedrunning Super Mario World live on the main stage before answering all your questions in a Q&A.

Can’t wait to try it out for yourself? We got you covered! After the Q&A you will have the opportunity to perform your own speedruns, including professional coaching.

Rule #1: Don’t blink!

Gotta go fast for charity

What is better than speedrunning video games? Speedrunning them for charity! Therefore, Germench, the largest German community of speedrunners, will be holding charity live streams at its own booth at DreamHack Hannover. The charity stream will air for the entire duration of the festival and all of its proceeds will be donated to a good cause. 

Germench will speedrun over 20 different games, providing more than 24 hours of speedrunning content to the DreamHack audience. The live program includes runs of The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Super Mario 64, Dark Souls and many more.