Esports tournaments

Come experience esports and cheer for your favorite team and player!

The festival will feature professional and grassroot tournaments of a variety of games, the LAN area will also host various tournaments. (Note: you will need a LAN ticket to participate in LAN tournaments.)

The Grand Melee

The Grand Melee

Age of Empire II

Eight players go into battle for $100,000 prize money in the legendary RTS title.

PRM-Showmatch EinS vs. NNO

League of Legends

The LoL highlight of DreamHack will be the show match of the Strauss Prime League: Eintracht Spandau and NNO will meet on December 16th live on the main stage in an exciting best-of-three duel.

Logo_ ESLM

ESL Meisterschaft TFT Finals

Teamfight Tactics

The top eight players from Germany and Austria will compete against each other at DreamHack Hannover 2022 to take the ESL Championship trophy home.

DACH: Evolution Unity


DACH: Evolution Unity is coming to DreamHack Hanover, uniting the VALORANT community in supporting the best teams from the region competing for the title.

Logo_ ESLM

ESL Meisterschaft CS:GO Finals


The 3 qualified teams compete for the prize money of 50,000 Euro in the final of the ESLM and present the national showdown in CS:GO to the DreamHack audience.


In our LAN Tournaments




99Damage celebrates 10th anniversary and year-end at the LAN party at DreamHack and covers the competitions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are dedicated seats in the LAN for the community.

Summoner`s Inn

League of Legends

Summoner’s Inn will be on the LAN representing the LoL community and will be broadcasting the LoL tournaments. Fans have the chance to book a LAN slot directly in the SINN area.