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The LAN is a secured and restricted access area

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Bring your computer, bring your friends

The LAN-Area is an “Bring Your Own Computer (or Console)” area (“BYOC”) and is the core of our DreamHack festival.

Each LAN ticket gets you a reserved seat (table and seat), a port on our network for your computer or console, a power outlet (Schuko) for your gear and a chair. Alternatively, you can even bring your own chair! The exact components of a LAN ticket also depend on the ticket category.

Thurs, Dec 14 – 10am

Sun, Dec 17 – 5pm

Save your spot

The LAN is a secured and restricted access area: You cannot enter the area without a LAN ticket.

The other way around LAN ticket holders have access to the festival area of DreamHack during the festival opening hours.


LAN Tournaments

Every DreamHack includes, of course, several LAN-Tournaments, where you can prove your own skills. You also have the opportunity to win cash prizes! 

Important: You can only participate in the LAN-Tournaments if you are a LAN ticket holder!

To be announced

League of legends

Prize pool: 3.000€

Counterstrike 2

Prize pool: 3.000€

Rainbow Six: Siege

Prize pool: 2.500€

VALORANT by Project V

Prize pool: 2.000€

Rocket League

Prize pool: 900€


Prize pool: 500€

Apex Legends

Prize pool: 500€

Age of Empires II

Prize pool: 500€

Teamfight Tactics

Prize pool: 500€


CS2 Wingman 2v2 Cup

Warcraft 3 Reforged


More Information about the Tournaments will come soon. We will announce the whole schedule and open the registration as the event approaches. 

Further tournaments are planned, e.g. in the games

Blobby Volley, Fall Guys, Overwatch 2, Trackmania, Teeworlds, FIFA 23, Worms Clan Wars.

how to select your seats


If you have problems with your PC or other hardware items during the DreamHack, you can go to Tech Support in the LAN area. A team of competent people will help you.

Hardware Security

Upon admission, security stickers with serial numbers will be affixed to monitors, PCs and laptops that you have brought with you. When leaving the hall, the security stickers are checked and compared with the assigned participant data in the system. While participants remain solely responsible for the safety of their valuables and the organizer accepts no liability in the event of loss, this supporting system offers additional protection. We recommend securing any hardware you have brought with you, for example using Kensington locks, and carrying small valuables on your person.

Info Point

The Info Point will be your first point of contract if you have any technical or general issues during your adventures in the LAN-Area. They will forward the problem towards the right people. You will also receive any important info about the LAN-Tournaments there.

Rental Point

You have no possibility to transport your massive gaming station? No worries! You can simply rent either an entire setup or parts of the equipment in advance. Our partner Zed Up provides everything you need for four days non-stop gaming action.

Simply pick up your equipment at the Rental Point and bring it back once the fun is over, you only need the order number provided by Zed Up.

Rent Equipment with Zed Up!

Note: Please make sure that you place your order in advance!

The following equipment is offered (prices for all 4 days):

  • Esports-PC: 75 €
  • Gamer-PC: 125 €
  • High-end-PC: 225 €
  • 144 Hz monitor: 25 €
  • 240 Hz monitor: 50 €
  • Peripherie set: 25 €
  • Gaming chair: 50€

Relaxation Area

Are you still wondering where to rest? At DreamHack we have a relaxation area included for all guests with a LAN ticket. This area is located in Hall 13 and it’s a place where you can go to get some rest for your next gaming session. It’s open 24/7.

Don't forget

  • Pillow
  • Covers/blanket/duvet
  • Earplugs if you’re a light sleeper
  • Towel for showering
  • Powerbank to charge your phone
  • Extra comfy clothes
  • Tent for your own camp
  • Everything you need for comfortable Indoor-Camping

1337 tips

The 1337 tips for a great sleeping experience

  • Air mattress 90cm (electrical pump is nice to have)
  • Blanket to put under the mattress as isolation between you and the floor
  • Sleeping bag & pillow.

Special Pen & paper at Night

Are you brave enough to save Greycairn?

Dragon Legion will host a unique Pen & Paper session in the LAN relaxation area. But they need five players from the community to bring this adventure to life, so grab your dice and sign up to become a true hero! The characters will be pre-written, so you just need to sign up, come and play. The story will continue throughout the days, but it is possible to only join for one evening.

  • Where: LAN relaxation area
  • When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday start 21:00 (for 4 hours)
  • Who: Up to 5 players
  • Sign-up: DreamHack Discord, Channel “World of Discordia”
  • System: World of Discordia

The story of Greycairn 

Revenge of the dead:

The village of Greycairn is in turmoil! Rumors are circulating about the return of Steinarr, a merciless warlord who fell in a battle near Greycairn centuries ago. No one in the village is strong or brave enough to face the blood-soaked blade of the undead warlord, and an entire region is on the verge of descending into chaos. Can the heroes find Steinarr’s secret crypt in the swamp and stop a new horror before it begins?

Camping and Glamping

You have a camper or want your own room?

You can stay at the Camping Area at Messe Hannover. You have 5 min. to go to the DreamHack Halls.
For a camper up to 6 m long, including 3 people, you pay €21 per night, over 6 m €29. Electricity flat rate is 6 €, each additional person 6 €. 
Included: Use of the sanitary facilities, fresh water refueling and disposal station. (see consumer fair prices)
Here you can find all infos:


You must purchase a BYOC LAN PASS (Regular or Premium) and be at least 18 years old to attend the LAN. You can buy your ticket here!

LAN tournaments take place every day, with a detailed schedule that will be published shortly before the event. Registration for the respective tournament is a prerequisite, spaces are limited.

The Seating Map will be available around one month before the DreamHack.  LAN ticket holders will then receive seat selection information per Mail. This is done using a separate booking tool.

How do I book my seat?

1. Click on the link in the email from the Seating Map System
2. Sign in with your ESL account or create an account. log in.
3. Connect your LAN ticket/s
4. Go to “Choose a seat”
5. Choose your desired seat
6. Done

Place a group:

Select one person who should select seats for your group. Send this person your “Ticket connect” mail from the Seating Map Tool. The person logs in with their ESL account and can thus manage all tickets. You can also add tickets in the tool via order number and email.

Yes, of course. Your pass will also allow you to visit the festival. Please note that you are responsible for the security of your personal belongings, you should carry valuables with you.

No. The rows of tables are different for each type of ticket.

Please bring the following:
– PC/Laptop
– Monitor (2 are allowed if you don’t disturb your neighbors or don’t use unsafe setups)
– Mouse, Keyboard
– Headphones/Headset
– Power Cable/Supply
– 3-way power strip
– LAN cable (10-20 m are recommended if sitting on the edge of a row)
– Video cables (HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP)
– The games you wish to play are pre-installed and updated

– Your friends (don’t pack them, it’ll be awkward at security)
– Your phone
– Money (for parking, food and/or drinks)
– Decorations! All must be powered off your PC and fit in your space without disturbing anyone else near you. 🙂

Of course you can bring your own food and drinks – in reasonable quantities. Keep in mind that you don’t have a lot of space at your seat.

There will be pizza, pasta, asian food and much more.

We have also set up a small kitchen with microwaves and kettle for you.

There will be a basic chair for holder of the BYOC LAN Regular Pass and for the BYOC LAN Premium Pass a slightly higher quality chair.
You are welcome to bring your own office or gaming chair. We also offer gaming chairs for rent, more on that later.

BYOC LAN Regular Pass: 90cm table width, 80cm table depth
BYOC LAN Premium Pass: 120cm table width, 80cm table depth

Yes, there will be infrastructure technical support and PC support. You may also find tournament operations in the LAN area.

Yes, you can rent a complete setup or individual hardware and gaming chairs in advance from our partner Zed Up. All information on the official page of Zed Up.

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