Cosplay - READY, SET, GLUE!

Welcome to the heart of the cosplay community!

Experience how your favorite characters from a book, game or movie become reality and come alive with a lot of creativity, heart and soul. Take a photo at the meet&greet, check out the best cosplay in the competition and meet Special Guests from the national and international Community.

Compete: Show us what you can create and join your fellow crafters! Cosplay is an art form full of passion and dedication, and we want to showcase all your hard work. There will be a contest in different categories. 

Applications are closed!

Cosplay Village

Here you can find entertainment & cool cosplayers, as well as a place to relax or fix your cosplay. Get ready for the cosplay contest, take photos at our photo walls or enjoy the exhibitors. No matter if you are a cosplayer, photographer or casual visitor, join the World of Cosplay!

Meet & Greet

Meet the community face to face! Whether you're a casual visitor or a cosplayer, you can meet, connect and make new friends in RL at the Cosplay Village! Use the time to network and create some unforgettable memories with your favorite cosplayer or content creator.

Cosplay Contest

We will hold a competition with different categories. There will also be thematic priorities. The jury will judge the best costumes, the best IRL cosplay, best prop and judge favorite!

Special Admission

We offer some special features for cosplayers: free entry for cosplay contest participants, relax areas, fast lane check-in (incl. weapon and costume check) and much more.

Special Guests

The pros of the hot glue worlds, up close and in color! In the new Cosplay Village at DreamHack, the ultimate professionals of Cosplay are waiting for you. Exchange ideas, get tips, take photos together or collect an autograph or two!

Changing rooms

We all have experienced it. The hotel room is too small, you didn't have time to get ready or it's raining outside. That's exactly why we have the Cosplay Village dressing rooms. Here you can get ready in calm or refresh the cosplay!

Dreamhack Hannover 2023 Cosplay Contest

Show what you’ve got and compete in the awesome cosplay contest! There will be a price pool from around 5.000€ and several categories where you can show off your amazing cosplays!


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact:

How to JoinJust fill out the form and you will have the chance to be part of the cosplay contest. You will be judged in several categories and have the chance to win a prize money. Sign ups are open now!

Contest RulesIf you have any questions about the cosplay contest, you may find the answer in the rules. There is an explanation about the several categories but also what is allowed or not during the DreamHack Hannover.



Sign ups Start


Sign ups close


Competition on Stage (2:00 - 3:15 PM)


Finalists Chosen

Rating Categories

Best Cosplay

This category will place the top cosplay, which shines out the most of all these amazing costumes. It can convince with their skills, technique and craftsmanship in comparison to all other competitors. Our judges will be looking at how the costumes, props, and every detail of your costume were made.

IRL Cosplay

This cosplayer embodies their character through and through. If you are a pure representation of your character ripped right from the pages of the manga they are drawn from, the animation cells it was made in, and you and your costume represent the life essence of the character, you have the best chances to win in this categories.





Best Prop

Put together an awesome prop, something that stands out, lights up, or does something even more magical than we could ever imagine. Props are generally the objects you create in addition to your costume, that bring substance to your persona and give it the special touch for the final look.

Judge Favorite

Each of our amazing judges will select one cosplayer they can shout out, and give a special award from them. They will select them on their own and can choose to celebrate whatever item, costume piece, or cosplayer they want.



Our special guests

At DreamHack Hannover

No matter if you want to get a picture with your favourite character or learn some new tips and tricks to bring your next costume to life: Get ready to meet these incredible cosplayers!

To be announced


Judge of Cosplay Contest



Judge of Cosplay Contest



Judge of Cosplay Contest

Umbrella Corporation

Umbrella Corporation

German Garisson Black

501st Legion

May the Force be with you

Hello there! 501st Garrison brings the beloved franchise Star Wars to DreamHack Hannover. There will be a Star Wars themed Photo Booth where you can feel like a real Jedi or a Stormtrooper and take unforgettable memories home with you.

But not only that – 501st Garrison are holding a Star Wars themed parade on Saturday!
No Star Wars enthusiast should miss this when Darth Vader marches through the hall with his Stormtroopers!


Official partners Cosplay

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