Do not miss the dreamhack hannover in december with amazingly creative artists in our artist alley

Last year the DreamHack was in Hannover for the first time and brought plenty of gamers, esports pros and cosplayers to the city. There was endless LAN action at the world famous BYOC-LAN-Party, impressive cosplays, numerous esports events and exciting trading card games tournaments as well as pen and paper sessions. Hannover was filled with gaming passion for the entire weekend and the spectacle will open it’s doors again in December. This time, it is even going to bring the first artist alley to the fair.

all the creativity in one place

For the whole weekend you will have the chance to not only see and interact with many well-known companies but also meet various creative people with their own products. You can find special and unique items for your own collection and even support local artists at the artist alley as well. 

There will be plenty of goods about gaming, esports, anime, manga, Japan and so on. The artists can do anything from self-drawn, painted, sewn, handicrafts, photographed or any other form of the artist’s own creativity.

The festival is not only about gaming and immersing yourself in a virtual word, but also about showing the creative side of the community. This is why we are proud to provide a platform for all the artists to showcase their unique products in public and get in touch with their community at the artist alley.

Safe your spot

Do not miss the first artist alley at the DreamHack Hannover. Just safe your spot and grab your tickets to experience not only these creative people but also various esports tournaments, impressive cosplays and trading card games tournaments.

There will also be the world famous BYOC-LAN-Party with endless gaming action during the whole weekend without taking a break. Grab your friends and your PC for a comfortable play and even compete in various LAN tournaments.