Escape from Tarkov: Arena will shake up the esports world at DreamHack Hannover

For the first time Pro teams fight for 100.000 Euros

As the official festival partner of DreamHack Hannover, Battlestate Games will host the “EFT: Arena Invitational” – the very first esports tournament for this brand-new game in the Escape from Tarkov universe.

From December 15th to 17th, six elite teams will engage in the tournament, battling it out in a “5v5 Teamfight” mode for a shared prize pool of 100,000 Euros. In these three days of professional gameplay, we will witness an entirely new set of competitive elements in this hardcore shooter.

Victory can be achieved in two ways — either by capturing and maintaining control of an objective point or by eliminating the opposing team.

Don’t miss out on this historical milestone. The Escape from Tarkov: Arena Invitational will mark the beginning of a new game legacy in esports. And if professional esports is not enough for you, stay tuned for future announcements on our social media channels – we might have another ace up our sleeve.