Fearless adventures wanted: Register now for the Pen & Paper Sessions at DreamHack

If your creativity is boundless, your heroism immeasurable and your weapons of choice are a pen and some paper, then your time has come: Seize your chance and experience how strangers first become allies, then friends and finally heroes.

Our partner Dragon Legions e. V. is organizing several pen & paper rounds in the board game area of this year’s DreamHack Hannover, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

A total of 10 different adventures are on offer: Call of Cthulhu, The Dark Eye, Dungeons & Dragons, Hexxen 1733, Mausritter, Spherechild, The Witcher, Troubleshooters, Ultima Ratio and Vaesen.

Pen & Paper Adventures

The various adventures will take place several times and at different times over the duration of the festival, so that you can take part in multiple sessions during your visit to DreamHack.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the world of pen & paper adventures, you and your friends can now register for the sessions here: