Monster Energy won’t let you miss a single highlight of the festival 

First-class esports, huge LAN tournaments, exciting exhibitions and countless rounds in your board game, Pen & Paper or TCG favourites. This and much more awaits you again this year at DreamHack Hannover. But missing out on one of the highlights due to tiredness, or having to interrupt your gaming mid-win streak? Not on our watch!

Thanks to Monster Energy, your energy reserves will always be at the maximum. With the help of our partner, exhaustion has no place at DreamHack Hannover. You won’t miss a single highlight of the festival. With a tasty boost of energy, you’ll stay wide awake and focused while top performances are delivered, high scores are achieved, and esports history is made. Monster Energy gives you the energy boost you need to experience the whole variety of the DreamHack festival up close.